Scar Care Many Years Post-Op.

This is something I have wanted to address for a little while now, but not had the time to do so properly.


When I first had chest surgery I was reluctant to treat my scars for the first few months. After that I attempted to use various scar treatments in order to lessen the red coloring and slightly raised nature of my scars. This didn’t have much of a visible effect due to my inconsistency; I found massaging my scars triggering in a horrible way. I also had very prominent stretch marks on my chest due to years of horrible binding methods.

I left my scars alone for many years, allowing my chest hair to cover them. I still was not comfortable revealing my chest in public, despite my chest being very well healed and the scars no where near as visible as many other guy’s chests.

Fast forward to last week when I was cleaning out the bathroom cupboard and came across a bottle of Bio-Oil I had purchased a while back to apply on my scars. I was unsure if too much time had passed for any scar treatment to be remotely useful - but it was worth a shot because I had scar care readily avaliable.
I shaved my chest in the shower (I fucking hate chest stubble! Ew!) and once dried, massaged my scars and stretch marks for approximately five minutes each side. I’ve done this for almost a week daily now, and I could not believe the results after a few applications.

I really feel it’s the massage coupled with the Bio-Oil which is working; the massage being the most effective part of the duo. I feel it increases circulation into the scar tissue, allowing the scars to become much more representative of sourrounding skin tone.
I noticed that not only did my scars fade to almost nothing in terms of coloration, but that my massaging seemed to flatten out the slightly small areas where I had almost pimple-sized bumps from stitches healing. The ends of my incisions were slightly raised (approximately 1-2mm above the surface of the rest of my skin) and this has made them lessen dramatically also.

I guess the purpose of this post was to inform men who have had surgery quite a while back to not give up on scar treatment. It may still work. In fact, I now have somewhat of a renewed confidance that eventually, with massage and scar treatment I can get my scars to a level which I will find acceptable to become shirtless in public.

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Posted on Wednesday, 15 May
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